Most business owners or entrepreneurs have limited video advertising budgets. Some want to ensure they are using their money judiciously, and because of this, they minimize their budgets. But, effective video marketing can be extremely inexpensive to produce.

5 ways to Create an Effective Video for Advertising

Videos can successfully be used in emails, on websites, and various social media platforms. They could even go viral if the video contents are engaging, credible, unique, and interesting.

1. Start your video with something interesting

Your videos need to be truly engaging. If you can, try and personalize it by including yourself, workforce, clients or customers… as well as their testimonials.

Viewers and potential clients or customers would like to see someone using your product, services, or a step by step process before they buy what you are selling. Keep in mind, that if your video is not interesting, nobody will watch it. (At least, not for long.)

2. Do not create lengthy videos

If you want to get an optimal result, then ensure your video doesn’t last more than 90 seconds. Don’t turn your video advertising into a documentary. If you do, people are going to skip it.

However, your video can be up to three minutes long if you are using it to position your brand or business. Either way, try to eliminate all forms of unnecessary content. Let your message be direct, simple, and unique so viewers can relate to it.

3. Use smart and well-timed humor

The timing of your video is very important. If the video message is spiced with humorous lyrics, quotes, anecdotes, and stories – it could go viral because viewers will be tempted to share it on various social channels.


4. Use clear logos

Your logo is one of the image makers of your brand. It needs to be clear, and if possible, carry a central message about your brand. Your logo should be a brief summary of what your organization does. The more engaging your logo is, the more people would be motivated to watch your brand video.

Tell viewers what makes your brand to stand out and showcase your track record of achievements. Share success stories, positive feedback, customer testimonials, and more. 

5. Incorporate a clear call to action

The sole objective of your video is to encourage viewers to take some sort of action. So, ensure you incorporate a call to action as part of your video marketing strategy. This can be added through text, graphics, voice, or can be filmed.

To achieve an awesome result, you need to include it at the end of the video. For instance, you can show viewers how they can reach you by visiting your website, purchasing your products or services, signing up for discounts, calling you, etc.


This is a guest post written by Curtis Schlaufman.