How to Create Content That Leads to Sales

How to Create Content That Leads to Sales

We know we need to create content, but very few are doing it in a way that leads to sales.

Jessica Stansberry makes money from her content every single day.

With YouTube, blog posts, and digital products, Jessica has built a six-figure business while being a mom in a small town of 500 people.

In this episode, Jessica is going to show you how to create content that leads to sales by creating a content strategy and executing it to drive traffic to your products and services.

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how to create content that sells

How to Create Content That Leads to Sales

My whole like tagline to my business is that I help people create content that converts to sales because that can sometimes be a hangup. People create the content, but then there’s no money on the other end and I am not here for that.

I feel like a lot of people do that. They create the content because it’s fun and they think that a lot of people are seeing it and they’re going to convert when really a lot of people aren’t seeing it and then the ones that are seeing it aren’t converting.

A lot of times, and I guess a few years ago, well let’s back it up to like eight or 10 years ago, there really was some magic to just kind of putting things out into the world and people being able to find it like, “oh, I put out a blog post on that and now it just like magically got, you know, 100 or 200 hits” because not as many people were doing it.

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But now, that’s what everybody’s doing. Everybody knows that content sells and everybody knows that blogging, and whatever else, sells their products. So everybody’s doing it and it’s harder to stand out in the noise.

So just putting it out there, is that going to get you anywhere? You actually have to take it like further through the steps.

So tell us how you got started doing this. Like what was the very beginning?

Creating Content on YouTube

In 2016, I started putting out YouTube videos and blog posts to explain things that were really easy to do but also mind-blowing.

One is I did a blog post in a YouTube video on how to create a signature on Gmail where the links were clickable and it was actually like really pretty.

I had another one on how to create an automatic download with Dropbox, which literally is just changing the zero at the end of the Dropbox file name to a 1 and it will automatically download for the person.

So I had a couple that went out and I was like, you know what, I’m just going to share this because they’re helping me and they kind of went viral. From there, I started having people ask me like, “how do you do this and how do you do that?”

What is a Techpreneuer?

So I kind of transitioned out of web design, which I had been wanting to do for years because in the customer space, it’s just hard. Your paycheck depends on your clients and it can be really, really hard sometimes. So, I morphed and changed and transitioned out of that and went into being what I called a techpreneur.

So I was teaching people how to like master the systems and technology in their business and it’s just kept morphing from there.

What is an Infopreneuer?

I’m always going to be an infopreneur. That is something I love and I love putting out information and teaching people, and teaching classes, and courses and things like that. But I’m not afraid to twist and change.

So if somebody starts asking me, how do you do this and how do you do that? I’m not scared at all to start putting out content in that realm.

So now I teach a lot of YouTube strategies and content strategies because people were like, well, okay you did this, but how? So that’s kind of the transition of how I’ve worked myself into this.

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How to Make Content That Sells

I very quickly was like, oh my gosh, I’m getting thousands of hits to my website a month to these two to five posts that I’ve put out.

Like I need to be monetizing this. So for a couple of them, I inserted a lot of affiliate links.

For Dropbox, like I would insert my Dropbox affiliate. When I was talking about another one – how to create a button on ConvertKit, because a lot of people want a pretty button in their, emails and that one also went viral. I was just putting in my affiliate link to ConvertKit and still to this day, I started making a little bit of money coming in from those affiliates and now it’s grown even more because those posts are still out there. Plus, I’ve added hundreds more.

I just listened to my audience a lot and they were like, “okay, well that’s great that you can create a button that way, but how do you put a header in ConvertKit or how do you use this or use that on ConvertKit. So, I created a course on how to work ConvertKit and I sold that off the back end of that post.

And then it just kind of went from there. There, for a really long time. I had a lot of courses. I don’t anymore, but I had like a course that went basically with every blog post I put out… which I do not recommend because it’s time-consuming, but it worked really well to have funnels built out where if they found this blog post and it talks about topic A, then they were going to go down the funnel, get something for free, get some emails from me and then get pitched this inexpensive course and I was able to completely give up the web design by doing that.

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