Emerging Trends in the Contributor World

A couple of days ago I shared the ins and outs of becoming a contributor to your favorite website, blog, or trade outlet.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you grab the list I made you of 16 places to pitch with ideas and contact information here.

In the podcast episode, I mentioned sharing more here in my newsletter.

Just like trending audio on Instagram and TikTok can get you ahead of the competition, it also works like that in the contributing space.

Even if you’re not contributing, or don’t have plans to yet, then use these trending tips for your own content.

Emerging Trends in the Contributor World

1. Long-Form Content

Some publishers are showing a preference for longer, in-depth contributed articles that provide comprehensive insights on a topic. 

This trend reflects a growing appetite for substantive, well-researched content.

I liken this to my recent obsession with documentaries on streaming apps. 

(God Forbid on Hulu will blow your mind.)

2. Podcast and Video Contributions

Contributed articles are not limited to written content. 

Many publishers are open to podcast episodes, video interviews, and multimedia contributions because they recognize the value of diverse content formats.

For example, if you’re great at shooting video, make sure to include that in your pitch.

3. Personalization

Contributed articles that cater to specific audience segments or niches are gaining traction. 

Tailoring content to the unique needs and interests of a particular readership is becoming a priority.

During gift guide season, you don’t just see a “Gift Guide for Travelers”. Instead, you see a “Gift Guide for Travelers Who Love Sleeping on Planes”.

In addition to being a people play, this is also an SEO play.


4. Diverse Voices

There is a growing emphasis on featuring contributions from a more diverse range of voices, including underrepresented groups and marginalized communities. 

Publishers are seeking a broader array of perspectives and experiences.

5. Ethical and Sustainable Content

Readers are increasingly conscious of ethical and sustainability issues. 

Contributed articles that address topics related to ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility are gaining relevance.

Again, use these when you pitch to contribute or keep them in the back of your mind when you create your own content.

Content Creation Template

If you didn’t notice it in one of the spreadsheets I shared in my newsletter last week, I want to highlight it now.

This is the outline I use when I create my core piece of content, which is on my podcast.

  1. What I’m going to talk about 
  2. Why you should care 
  3. Why you may not be succeeding now 
  4. Hook you again 
  5. List of tangible things to do

This doesn’t only make me feel organized, which takes the stress off my creating content, but it also helps you digest it better while staying engaged.

Turning Publicity into Profit

On my last podcast, I also touched on the importance of having a strategy and measuring the success of placing contributed articles.

The same goes for earning press coverage and putting your own content on your website or social media.

It’s all publicity, but it doesn’t mean diddly squat if it doesn’t turn into profit.

That’s the entire point!

In the next episode of Become a Media Maven, I’ll share what you need to do after you land a media hit on another platform or publish one on your own. 

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