Inside my Brand New Content Flywheel

I consider a flywheel a system. It’s an order of doing things that once started, should keep going. One thing leads to the next.

You can have a sales flywheel, a marketing flywheel, an operations flywheel, and more.

Inside my Brand New Content Flywheel

I decided to create a content flywheel on paper. It was always in my head, but making a design in Canva to actually see makes a big difference for me when it comes to execution. 

Why content?

When I look at how I get most of my leads and my clients, it’s from my content. Even if it’s not directly from my content, people look me up and check me out before deciding to contact me. My content is a big factor in their decision. 

So, this is a behind-the-scenes look at my content flywheel. If you want to see what it looks like, log onto and click on this episode. You can also get the transcript for this episode and complete show notes there too. 

Podcast Review

Right now, I’d like to get 12 more reviews on Apple podcasts to push me over that 100 mark. So, if you haven’t done it yet, please pull this podcast up in the app and scroll down to where you see the reviews. There should be a button that says “see more” and there you have the option to write a review… like Janice Noehulani did. 

She said:

“Christina serves in the biggest way! I have been following Christina for a while. Her service and digital programming are filled with so much info for your success.”

Thanks, Janice. 

I’d love to read your review next week on the podcast. 

Flywheel Foundation

The purpose of my sharing my content flywheel is to give you ideas to create your own. You can also start to see some of this in action here on the podcast, in my newsletter, and on social media.

Speaking with content in mind, I need to start with the foundation. When I create content, the goal is to give value to business owners and marketers who want to learn more and they see me as their guide. 

I do this in a lot of ways I just mentioned. But to make it simpler and turn it into a system, I need to break it down and make all those things work together. 


Because I hate wasting time and try to be as efficient as possible in business, I love the practice of creating something once and repurposing it so it is a fit in different places. So, ask yourself how you can repurpose content if you are creating a content flywheel.

Again, this is something I do, but I feel like I do it because it’s productive, not because it is a written system or standard operating procedure… like it is now. 


Some people like Instagram for business while others like LinkedIn. Some people prefer a podcast to a newsletter and vice versa. 

I need to be able to reach people in all those places, but it’s tough. (I stopped Instagram and TikTok for business because I wanted to keep those platforms fun… and I feel like that is the opposite of what everyone is doing now.)

I also don’t like paid ads and stay away from them for the most part, so I make it a point to share something different in all of these places at different times. 

The end goal is to drive people to my free masterclass, my bootcamp, my online course, or my agency. But most of the time, I don’t mention any of those things. 


This is the part I’m not so good at and just started paying attention to. Obviously, when something goes viral, we notice, but looking at numbers month to month? I never did it. Now, I do.

If my podcast isn’t growing over time, I’m going to stop it. If my email list isn’t growing over time, I’m going to end my newsletter. If I’m stagnant on Twitter (or X), I won’t spend as much time there. 

This tells me what’s working and what’s not working so I know what to do. That’s the big part. Without measuring what you’re doing in some way, shape, or form, you’re just playing a guessing game or doing what you think you should do or what you think other people are doing. 

This is one of my goals as of a couple of months ago.

Jay Clouse does this very well and takes up behind the scenes every month in his Lab (Click the link here if you’re interested in getting on the waiting list I HIGHLY recommend it). It inspired me to measure everything I’m doing, and I’m going on three months of it now. 

Better late than never!

Remember, it’s a wheel.

This is a wheel, so it should always turn. There is not a stopping point… and this is where I failed in the past. 

The tricky part is making sure the “last” thing on your wheel is a natural lead into the “first” things on your wheel so it works for you faster and without you doing too much work. The idea is to make this entire process self-sustaining.

I will show you what I worked from, which acted more as a list of things to do with a beginning and an end – not a wheel.

before flywheel

A look at my content flywheel

Now, I have a wheel. The before and after visual may give you an ah-ha moment like it did for me.

This content flywheel also doubles as my inbound sales machine. The only thing it is currently missing when I think of it like that is me pitching myself to appear in the media. 

Also, consider the amount of time it takes to do this in relation to other things you do in your business and your home life. 

Most of the podcast interviews I do now come to me. I’m not making time to pitch myself. As the queen of practicing what I preach, I need to get back into this. Let me know if you want me to take you behind the scenes when I sit down to pitch a few podcasts. Send me an email by replying to my news newsletter or find me on social media and tell me. 

after flywheel

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