Content Creation Hacks

Content Creation Hacks [VIDEO]

If you are not creating content and sharing it online, then how in the world do people know who you are and what you do? Really, how do they know?

In this video I am going to share some of my favorite content creation hacks that have helped me build my business, doubling it every single year in the last four years.

Content Creation Hacks

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Hi, I’m Christina Nicholson and I help people all over the world earn exposure in the media without spending any money on ads… and one thing you can do is create content to do that.

And I know a lot of people think it can be time-consuming and it can be time-consuming, but we are going to do this smarter instead of harder, and I am going to share some of my favorite content creation hacks.

And if you haven’t, make sure you watch the video that I posted last week about how to repurpose content because that is another hack that will come in handy once you start creating content… and I’m going to teach you how to do it quickly and efficiently.

I know we don’t have all the time in the world. When I started doing this, I was working full time with an infant and a toddler and I did this on the side and it worked because I found ways to do it quickly and efficiently.. and those are some of the hacks that I’m going to share with you right now.

And I’m going to do this in just three steps.

1. Put it in the calendar

Step number one = put it in the calendar, and like, go into detail.

Don’t just say schedule social media, write a blog post. You need to be detailed when you are putting this stuff in the calendar. So for me, I am a big batcher.

So if I’m a blogger than I am going to write at least two posts at once and I’m going to have done the SEO research for those two posts ahead of time.

So when you sit down, you know exactly what you are doing, you know the exact end goal and you execute on that and you will do it because it’s in your calendar.

Christina Nicholson on YouTube

For me, if it’s not in the calendar, it is not getting done. So you need to put it in the calendar. You need to commit to it. This is the biggest thing. You need to be committed to doing this and that’s why I like the calendar. I’m kind of committed to my calendar. So if it’s not in the calendar, it’s not getting done. If it’s in the calendar, I need to do it and don’t get crazy with moving things around.

I know Google calendar makes it super easy for you to just tap and move. Try not to do that. Try to block time off, same time every week to do the same thing.

So for example, my YouTube days are Thursdays. My podcast days are Tuesdays. Like, I know what I’m doing every day of the week and makes things easier and makes them flow more. Use your calendar to create content. That is my hack number one.

2. Choose your content

Number two = choose your content.

There is so much out there. Content is one of those like loaded words. I’m going to go deeper into this in a minute, but just know that number two, we’re choosing our content. We’ll circle back around in a second cause that’s a big one.

3. Choose your platforms for sharing

And number three = choose your platforms for sharing.

Again, this relates to number two. So when I circle back to number two about choosing your content, we’re going to talk about number three, which is choosing your platforms for sharing.

Yes, it’s lovely to be everywhere all the time, but realistically that doesn’t always lead to ROI from being everywhere all the time.

And especially when you’re starting out, you really want to focus on where the ROI is and where you’re going to start making money and then you can branch out, right? It’s like starting super niche and then broaden out.

Okay, so before I get to number two and three, choosing content where you need to be, let me know why you’re struggling with this. Why are you watching this video? You need some hacks.

Is it because you don’t have a lot of time to create content or is it because you just don’t know what to do? Like, content is a loaded word, like I said, and you just don’t even know where to begin because of all the things. So let me know in the comments. Why are you struggling to create content or with content creation?

Choose your content EXPLAINED

Okay, let’s go back to number two, which is choosing your content.

There are so many different forms of content you could take. You could do video, you could do audio, you could do blogging (which is text), you could do graphic design and share a fun little meme.

So what does your audience consume?

Do they watch a video? Do they read? Do they listen to podcasts? Do they like memes?

So that’s step one… is figuring out what your audience wants, not what you want. You’re not gonna be paying yourself. Your audience is going to be paying you. So you need to think about what they want.

If you watch the video that I posted just last week about repurposing content, you will see I start with a video. I shoot a video, and then I get that video transcribed and then I turn that transcription into a blog post and in that blog post, I embed the video. I also take little snippets of the video and I share them as teases on social media so they can jump back to my YouTube channel or they can jump over to my blog and watch the full video that is embedded in there or read the blog post.

Christina Nicholson on YouTube

So even if you are committed to one piece of content, you can repurpose that content and that is what last week’s video was all about.

But choosing your content also, remember, it doesn’t have to be what you create. I love Flipboard. So, Flipboard is a resource that I use when I’m just looking for industry news because I know my audience, they don’t want to hear about me all the time.

You shouldn’t post about yourself all the time. You shouldn’t share only your staff. So many times I am sharing articles from Inc. or Fast Company or Boss Babe that relates to my industry that I like to read and that my audience would like to read. So don’t think that your content creation needs to be all you. Sometimes it’s just resharing something from somebody else. Sometimes it’s posting a link to your favorite podcast episode.

If you are active in earning media, which you should be, you know, I preach this, then maybe you’re a guest on a podcast, share that link. Maybe you’re quoted in an article, share that link.

People put so much pressure on themselves to constantly be creating content and posting so much of their own stuff. You don’t need to do it that much. So you can take the pressure off. There’s lots of other stuff online that you can share and it will add value to other people in addition to you creating your own content.

Choose your platforms for sharing EXPLAINED

Okay, so let’s move on to number three, which is choosing the right platforms. So this again is going to be where your audience is.

If you are working with people in the C-suite, then you’re probably going to want to be on LinkedIn more than Snapchat. If you are very visual and you work with people between maybe 30 to 50 then I would say Instagram is going to be your jam.

So I would start on one and put 80% of my energy in one and then spread out 20% to everything else. And again, I use something called Smarterqueue. Again, I talk about this in the last video that I did and Smarterqueue helps me post, not the same thing to all the channels. I treat every channel differently because they are all different and you should never just simultaneously post the same thing to all platforms.

But Smarterqueue makes it easy for me to post the same thing and then tweak it for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Obviously, you can throw Instagram in there. I use something different for my Instagram, but I will link to an affiliate link for Smarterqueue here if you want to try it out for free for two weeks, you can.

I would suggest don’t try to treat all platforms the same. Don’t try to go all out on all of them. Pick one or two where your audience is and do not post and go.

Don’t post and ghost

So like, this is a pet peeve of mine… like in these Facebook groups for entrepreneurs, they all say, I’m posting and nothing’s happening. Well, you cannot treat social media like a billboard. Where you’re actually going to see ROI on social media and growth is by engaging and I know that sounds boring and it’s not as exciting as posting amazing things, but again, this is why you also shouldn’t put a lot of pressure on you to create a bunch of content.

You should be making connections, you should be commenting on other people’s stuff. You should be liking other people’s stuff. You should be sharing other people’s stuff so when you are on these platforms.

Don’t just think you’re going to post and things are going to happen. Like, there are billions of people on all of these social media platforms combined. If it was as easy as posting something and everybody flocking to you, then we would all be multimillionaires and you wouldn’t need to watch this video for anything. It just doesn’t work like that anymore.

So choose the platform where your audience is and interact with them. Post once a day, maybe twice a week, it’s your content and five times a week it’s something else that will help them. That takes a lot of the pressure off when it comes to creating your own content, and this is what I do.

I promise you, when you create content, it doesn’t always have to be you with a camera and a YouTube video or you with a blog post. It can be you saying, “Hey, I just read this article and it’s amazing and here I’m sharing it with you”. That’s you creating content. It’s just not centered around you.


So those are a few of my content creation hacks. If you want more, make sure you check out that video about repurposing content that I posted last week. I will link to that into the description of this video… as well as checking out my pitch publicity profit course.

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