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Going Inside the Business Boutique with Christy Wright

Going Inside the Business Boutique with Christy Wright

Christy Wright works with Dave Ramsey in Ramsey’s solutions, but she is most well known by female entrepreneurs because of the Business Boutique – a live event in Nashville, online course, podcast, and book.

In this episode, Christy breaks down how she got her start working with Dave Ramsey and how she worked her way up in the company. (Hint: It was by saying “yes” to things she didn’t know how to do.)

She’s going to talk about pushing through the fear of all the business stuff to actually get things done and be successful.

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Business Boutique Christy Wright

In Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, she talks about how most career paths are a lot less like a climbing a ladder and more like a jungle gym or you’re kind of swinging from one side to the other or whatever opportunity is in front of you or whatever door that opens.

Going Inside the Business Boutique with Christy Wright

That’s kind of like my story and it’s funny looking back because there are pieces of my story that at the time seemed so irrelevant to the bigger picture or where I was going. It seemed like grunt work or an entry-level job or whatever. And now looking back, it’s amazing how each of those were stepping stones that prepared me in some way for what I’m doing today.

Out of college, I worked for three years in nonprofit and I was thrown into the deep level of leadership. I was managing a million dollar department as a 23-year-old. I had a team of 200 people.

I was just thrown into leadership and so really learned about a startup, about systems, processes, building, this new business department from the ground up as a very young person in my career.

Then after that, I started working for Dave Ramsey, actually in product development and our company. We had about 270 people here at the time and I was just using my same skills of developing programs to now developing products for youth and teens.

And again, each of these pieces you’re like, ‘oh, that’s not that big of a deal’, but looking back, it’s incredible how each of these has in some way informed what I’m doing today.

How Christy Wright Started Speaking

About six months into working here on Dave’s team, we had an opportunity to speak. His daughter actually had an opportunity to speak at a conference, a Christian conference across the country. It was 20 dates all over the country and about two weeks before she was to go on the road and she’s young just out of college.

We had gotten the travel schedule from this conference and it was just the worst travel schedule you can imagine – like two and three connections. She was going to be in New York to California to get to Texas. You were in an airport 18 hours a day. Like, it was a nightmare.

I had inherited this whole arrangement somehow as being over the team program and Dave saw the schedule and he was like, ‘She’s not doing it. She’s 23. She’s fresh out of college, newly married. No one should have to do the schedule. She can do half. She can do 10 of the dates but not 20.”

I had to take this information back to the conference and be the bearer of bad news. And I’ll tell you, Christina, I’m just kind of a problem solver, make it up as I go type of person like most entrepreneurs are.

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I told them, “I’m so sorry she can’t do 20. She can do 10.” And the man said to me, “Christy, what am I going to do? I have a speaker booked for a keynote presentation for 20 dates. What am I going to do?”

And I said, “I’ll do the other ones.” And he said, “Can you speak?” I said, “I think so.”

I would say it’s a problem solver and that’s really what business owners are, aren’t we? Like we just are problem solvers. I think the key that has made my career path so interesting and accelerated is I often say yes before I know how.

So I said yes to that opportunity, even though I didn’t know how to speak, Christina, and I just figured it out as I went, like all entrepreneurs do.

Christy Wright Growing with Dave Ramsey

And so that led to a speakers group being created in the fall and I was just slid into that group – no application, no interview. That turned into what is now the Ramsey personalities, which is really the entire succession plan for our future because our whole company, which is now 800 people is built on Dave Ramsey, the man, Dave Ramsey, the brand, Dave Ramsey, the radio show, Dave Ramsey, the New York Times bestselling author.

So Dave in the last five to seven years has been thinking, “What does the future look like for this company and how can it go on beyond me?” And so he is very strategically created a board to lead the entire company and kind of chosen each of us as speakers that are the Ramsey personalities that have brands and messages and markets to build up to be the succession plan for our future so our company can go on when Dave retires.

So it’s kind of that the jungle gym, Christina. It’s all over the place.

It’s interesting how now I’m working in my gifts and pulling from my background of having side businesses, my education and business, my certifications as a business coach, and even my experience as a 23 year old managing a team of 200 and pulling all these pieces of my story together of making it up as I go to now help women use their gifts and figure out how to make money doing what they love.

It’s been incredible to see these pieces come together at this season that I’m in now.

How the Business Boutique Event Got Started

It’s amazing how we started with an event in the fall of 2015 and now three and a half years later we have gotten to where it’s a podcast, it’s a coaching group, it’s a bestselling book, it’s multiple courses. So, it’s evolved from there.

We started really with an event, which is not how most businesses start. So let me start by saying that most businesses don’t start, or brands don’t start, as an event.

Ramsey Solutions are really, really good at events. And so for us, it was an easy way to enter the market and test the content before you put something in print that lives forever and really gets to know the market and generate some excitement around this tribe and kind of claim are our spot in this space, if you will.

This is probably like five or six years ago when I moved into the role of being a fulltime Ramsey personality. I had already been speaking to women on life balance and really resonating with the markets that I was connecting with.

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We sat in a room and it really was a strategic planning day and just as I’ll try to give tips and takeaways for your listeners as we go, it is really important regardless of your business to get out of the business sometimes to get in a room, to get in a coffee shop, to get on a whiteboard with sticky notes and, and just drain – like get out of the day to day weeds and start to think like get your head above water to think about where you’re going.

And so that’s really what we did. We got in a room and we said, ‘okay, let’s start peeling away the layers of my story, my passions, my strength, my gifts, the opportunity in the market, the needs our company has, what’s going on in current trends and our culture’.

We started to see just this unbelievable intersection between my story of being raised by a single mom entrepreneur. She started a little bakery when I was six months old and I was literally raised in the bakery at times. So, I had a front-row seat to business and a front row seat to this, a magazine woman, building a business and surviving, doing the best she could.

I went on to get an education and business and then became a certified business coach. I’ve had my own side businesses to help pay the bills when I was in my early twenties when I couldn’t afford my rent on my entry-level salary.

Connecting with Woman at the Business Boutique

And then you start to see all these intersections of education and my story and then my passion for helping women. I connect with women.

I love that you even said my name came up because I really do consider my relationship with my fans and followers and friends to be the best friendship. It’s like a best friend that’s a business coach. Like, I’m in this with you and we’re gonna work through this

Business doesn’t have to be intimidating and I’m gonna show you how I’m going to give you the steps and encourage you and make you believe in yourself even when you don’t believe in yourself.

All those pieces start to come together. In addition with the fact that you’re seeing this incredible trend of women starting businesses and many women starting businesses that have no education in business and have very little confidence in business, but they are so capable, they just don’t know it.

44 million Americans have side businesses and 40 million Americans are working as freelancers or solopreneurs, independent workers.

This is a trend of women, everyone, but specifically, women getting into the marketplace for more flexibility to be with their kids, to provide extra income… and it’s so accessible. It’s so low risk. It’s so low cost. You could start a business tomorrow with nothing more than your ID and a Facebook page.

When you get into business, you’re going to get questions, you’re going to get overwhelmed at some point, you’ll hit a wall. All the women I work with, I’ve seen it happen again and again in my research before I even start business fatigue, they get in and at some point, they hit a wall and I call it the wall of overwhelm.

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