starting local to build an online business

Starting Local to Build an Online Business

Starting Local to Build an Online Business

So many people want to go straight to national media coverage right out of the gate. I always tell them to start small, then work their way up.

My podcast guest, Stacy Tuschl, tells business owners something similar in business – start local, then go online to go nationwide or even internationally.

It’s how she built multiple million-dollar businesses.

In this podcast episode, she is sharing three tips on how she started local and grew bigger than ever.

Some of the tips we dive into include:

  • Tip #1: Being hyper-focused on one thing
  • Tip #2: Starting small with habits
  • Tip #3: Prioritizing money and time

Stacy also talks about The Implementation Code and breaks down how to take action.

Some resources mentioned in this episode:

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Starting local to build an online business

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