6 ways Blogging acts as MLM Lead Generation [INFOGRAPHIC]

MLM lead generation can be tough. I know because I did it for almost one year as a Younique presenter. I generated most of my leads online through social media, but if I had to do it all over again, I’d use video and a blog in addition to Facebook.

MLM lead generation

Don’t get me wrong, social media worked very well for me. I built a team of more than 200 under me, earned a free cruise, and made five-figures selling mascara, but if I knew then what I know now about the power of a blog and SEO research, I think those numbers would have been much higher.

Scroll down to see the infographic!

Younique was the first MLM business to operate on social media and have the “group parties.” Now, it’s more common. When things become the norm, you need to look at other ways to sell. Many network marketers aren’t using blogs to sell, but they should. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Many #networkmarketers aren’t using #blogs to sell, but they should.[/Tweet] The biggest reason?

Google search.

It’s how most people find what they’re looking for, but the competition is stiff. In fact, if you don’t know how to be found in a Google search, then you are probably wasting your time blogging… unless you have an insanely huge social media following with people who click on every bit of content you post on a daily basis.

Here’s an example.

I wanted to write a blog post titled Blogging for Lead Generation. But when I did SEO keyword research, which you should be doing before you post anything, I realized no one would ever find the blog post. Why? The exact keywords “lead generation” are Googled 6,600 times a month. That sounds great, right? Wrong. There are 20 million results for that phrase. 20 million!  free-media So after doing some more research, I found the best chance I had to rank high in a Google search about lead generation was to write about MLM lead generation. Now, my odds still aren’t great. MLM lead generation is searched 480 times a month with 530,000 results. But, since I know a thing or two about MLM, lead generation, and blogging – why not take a stab at it? [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Yes, it’s hard to show up on the first page of #Google… but you can do it.[/Tweet] Yes, it’s hard to show up on the first page of Google… but you can do it. I’m doing it with this post featured on my lifestyle blog. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that post is the most viewed post on Mascara Maven.

See? That’s the power of blogging. It drives traffic to your website!

Check out this infographic I created with statistics I pulled from a variety of marketing outlets. After gathering relevant data, I averaged them all to find the most accurate numbers.

Scroll down to see the infographic!

Due to the nature of the online world and business, I expect these numbers to increase in the coming months and years.

1. You will have more website visitors if your website has a blog.

2. Small businesses with blogs generate more leads.

3. Companies acquire customers via a blog.

4. Consumers trust advice and information posted on a blog.

5. Consumers learn about a company through articles, not ads. (It’s why you need media relations!)

6. Consumers make purchases based on blog posts.

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7 ways to create Catchy Headlines and Catchy Titles [INFOGRAPHIC]

Because there is so much online today, internet marketing relies on quality content. To get to that quality content, you need catchy headlines and catchy titles.

To learn more about creating catchy headlines that will help increase clicks and conversion rates, scroll down and check out the infographic.

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to create catchy headlines. As with newspaper articles, the headline is the first thing that people see and read about your story. Headlines must be interesting, concise, and true. Headlines that are sensationalized intentionally just for people to click on the link are penalized by search engines and could seriously affect your ranking. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]There is a fine line between #headlines that grab your readers’ attention and staying true to the #story.[/Tweet] There is a fine line between making the headlines grab your readers’ attention and staying true to what the story really is about.

7 ways to create Catchy Headlines and Catchy Titles

1. Focus on helping others.

People will not click on something if they feel like they will get nothing out of it. They want to learn something they don’t know, so teach them.

2. Show a sense of urgency.

If something is ending, people are more likely to act so they don’t miss it. It also sparks curiosity. attention-grabber-words

3. Create a “how to” post.

Again, people want to learn something. If you tell them right away what they can expect to learn, interested people will click right away. Here is an example of a how to post. free-media

4. Use keywords.

No one is going to see your catchy headline and read your article if they can’t find it. Social media only works for a day or two. SEO lasts a lot longer. attention-grabbing-words

5. Share your experience.

Is it just me, or is everyone an expert online? Most pretend to be, but few are. This is why it’s important to share your expertise to set yourself apart from the rest.

Click here to learn how to promote yourself as a subject matter expert in the media.

6. Use headline analyzer tools.

If you don’t think your headline is great and it could be better, go to a platform that specializes in catchy headlines, like Headline Analyzer. For this post, I got a B+.attention-grabbing-headlines

7. Use numbers in your headline.

Did you notice the headline in this post? Numbers work great because you can count on the post being skimmable. In a busy world, that’s exactly what many of us need. Now, check out this cool infographic my friends at Start Blogging Online sent me.

How To Create Headlines That Get More Clicks and Conversions

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5 ways to pass Media Training 101

Have you ever watched someone conduct an interview on TV and felt awkward watching it because the guest appeared nervous or unprepared? They need media training! Many times, I’ve cringed watching the TV thinking this… and sometimes, yelling it.

What is Media Training?

Most business owners want media exposure for their business. With that, comes TV, radio, podcasts, etc. Being on-air, whether it be just your voice, or your face and your voice, is very different from something that appears in print on text online. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Because you are seen and heard, you need to be prepared. This is where #mediatraining comes into play.[/Tweet] Because you are seen and heard, you need to be prepared. This is where media training comes into play. Knowing how to speak to the media as a business owner or a spokesperson is vital. It could make or break your brand.

free-mediaMedia Training 101

With anything, practice makes perfect. When I act as a media coach for clients, I go over some of the tips mentioned in this post. We practice them. Create a video. Watch the video. Then, repeat it all again from the beginning. These strategies are the starting point. You will take them with you before and during an interview. After a few on-camera experiences, they will become a habit.

Media Training Tips

1. Be conversational.

When you ignore the camera to the side or the people in front of you, this helps you to be more conversational. You will come across comfortable, natural, and more likable. You won’t appear nervous and when you appear like you are just having a conversation with someone, it makes for a better presence… and you will be remembered! This means NO SCRIPT. You don’t talk from a script in normal conversation, so don’t memorize one.

2. Dress for the part.

Don’t wear a suit if your brand doesn’t warrant it. If you’re an attorney, a suit works. If you’re a personal trainer, sport your gym clothes. If you’re a chef, throw on your chef hat. Other than that, I suggest a shirt with your business logo or simple patterns with bright colors. The day of the Miami Heat parade, I dressed the part. Yes, I was reporting, but I was at a fun event celebrating the Miami Heat, so I wore a White Hot Heat t-shirt! media-training

3. Know what you want to say.

Don’t memorize what you’re going to say. That’s when you get tripped up and stumble over your words. Instead, make a list of bullet points that are vital to your brand. Use those points to deliver a conversation and engage with the audience. If you’d like to share the bullet points with a member of the media to help fill them in on your expertise, make sure they are just bullet points. If you try to write a journalists script for them, you won’t only leave them insulted, but you may never be invited back. It’s the equivalent of telling someone how to their job. Don’t worry, they did their research. They know all about you and they know what they want to talk about. Yes, what THEY want to talk about. In an interview, it’s not what YOU want to talk about. (If you want that, you need to buy an advertisement.)

4. Speak in soundbites (or quotes.)

Say what others cannot say. By this, I mean use the emotion behind your business and brand. Anyone can tell you about a product or service. Only you can talk about what makes your product or service amazing and different. When I sat down with “The Situation” we didn’t only sit in a tanning bed (very much his brand), but he spoke in a way no one else could because he is so unique… like you are! You are the face of your brand, so speak from your point of view. speak-in-soundbites

5. Be animated.

For the same reason on-air talent and stage performers put on a little extra makeup and a little extra hairspray, you need to put on a little extra personality. Things translate differently on TV and on stage, so if you aren’t acting extra excited about what you’re talking about, you may look bored.

Media Training Course

Because media training is such an important part of media relations, I have included extensive training in my online course Master your PR. Check out the free version, a five-day email course, here.
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Attract Journalists with this Press Release Template

When I was a reporter, I received a lot of press releases. To be honest, I didn’t read many. More on why here, but for the purpose of this blog post, I’m going to teach you how to write a press release and even share a sample press release. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Journalists have no interest in giving you a free #commercial. They need to tell a #story.[/Tweet] Before you even get started, remember journalists have no interest in giving you a free commercial. They need to tell a story, that means your press release
  1. Must be interesting and relevant to capture their attention and the attention of their audience
  2. Has to be different and include aspects that are new to the journalist and his or her audience

Press Release Template

1. Headline

When it comes to getting your press release read, this is a deal maker or a deal breaker. I compare it to the importance of an email subject line in a busy inbox. Keep your headline short, sweet, and interesting to focus people’s attention on your top line message and stand out.

2. Get to the point

Journalists are busy, so you need to tell them right away why they should care about your news. The first paragraph of your press release should cover the who, what, when, where, why, and how.

3. Add some color with a quote

You should add a quote or two for two reasons:
  1. It adds details to your story that can bring in the emotional element to the facts in the first paragraph.
  2. Some journalists will copy and paste the press release, so you want to be thorough and include everything a journalist needs to tell the story.

5. Provide Additional Newsworthy Information

As you finish, remember you’ve already outlined the most important information. Now, it’s time to offer unique, newsworthy details. You can also tease to the future if your press release warrants it.

6. The Boilerplate

This is the short “about me” section of the press release at the bottom. I like to keep it to two or three sentences. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]While I’m not a big fan of #pressreleases, sometimes a #journalist will ask for one after an initial pitch.[/Tweet] While I’m not a big fan of press releases, sometimes a journalist will ask for one after an initial pitch. Also, if you use a press release distribution service, it can help your SEO.

Sample Press Release

how-to-write-a-press-release sample-press-release-format
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How to Earn Publicity on Bizarre Holidays

One of my go-to pitches for clients revolve around holidays. You know what’s better than the major ones? The bizarre holidays.

Bizarre Holidays

If you’re a small business owner who accepts American Express, Small Business Saturday is your day – not only for business but for publicity too! I’d be willing to bet just about every TV station and newspaper in your market is covering this “holiday,” so why not pitch them as the owner of a small business to be interviewed? #shopsmall You could talk about
  • the importance of shopping small,
  • what you’ve done to prepare for this day,
  • what impact holiday shopping has on your business and the local economy, etc.
Remember, it’s all about finding a way to insert yourself and your brand into what is happening in the news. Two days later, it’s one of my favorite bizarre holidays, Cyber Monday! (It’s the day I do all of my Christmas shopping.)

Earn Publicity on Bizarre Holidays

Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday aren’t exactly holidays, but they also aren’t that bizarre. In March, there is something called Pi Day. (It’s 3/14… get it?) Even though it’s math related, “pi” sounds the same as “pie” and the restaurant I worked with made pizza pies, so I pitched a cooking demonstration on a morning newscast for Pi Day. It worked! anthony's-coal-fired-pizza Remember, you need to look ahead and pitch the story before the day arrives. These kinds of pitches work best for those newscasts that share more features and lifestyle content than hard news. For TV, local newspapers, and online, I suggest pitching about two weeks in advance. If you don’t hear back, follow up one week later, then two days before the “holiday.” If your goal is to be featured in a print magazine, you need to look ahead three months. free-media

Planning for Bizarre Holidays

Plan ahead by making a calendar of all of the bizarre holidays, like
  • December 7th, Cotton Candy Day
  • January 29th, Puzzle Day
  • February 9th, Toothache Day (Dentists – this one is for you!)
By implementing these days into your marketing strategy, you will not only be better prepared, but you will also increase your chances of earning media coverage. Do you want me to create a calendar for you that outlines all of the bizarre holidays every day of the year? Let me know and I’ll create something just for you!
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How to create a restaurant rebranding strategy

Some restaurants open and don’t think twice about a rebranding strategy, but others open and need to switch things up in a matter of just a couple of months. 

Regardless of whether or not your business is booming, it’s important to evolve a brand over time to maintain the market’s interest and to keep the brand relevant.

Rebranding Definition

Rebranding is creating a new look and feel for an established product or company. The goal of rebranding is to influence customers perception about the business by revitalizing the brand, which in turn, makes it more modern and relevant to the customer’s needs.

Rebranding Strategy

Just like a business has a branding strategy before saying, “We’re open for business,” most will eventually need a rebranding strategy months, years, or decades later. Whether it be changing a logo, slogan, interior design, menu, etc., change can be good! free-media If you change some things, either no one will notice or they won’t care. Sometimes, people will get angry. (Remember the new Instagram logo change?) Either way, you need to make those changes, no matter how minor, a big deal!

6 Rebranding Examples

Host a Media Dinner with Influencers

As a lifestyle blogger, I’ve been to a few media dinners. These are so much fun for local influencers and result in your restaurant earning exposure online and on social media. If your restaurant has a budget, you can hire major influencers to host an event at your restaurant or sponsor a blog post and social media shares.

Media Dinner at Cafe Med in Deerfield Beach

Rename Existing Dishes during a Tasting Event

If you’re looking for something to do at an influencer event, a tasting event is one way to entertain guests. You could make it even more exciting by letting an influencer, or even a guest, rename some of the existing or new dishes and drinks.

Social Media Contest

A nice social media following can’t hurt a business, right? Try doing something to get your customers and potential customers involved by holding a contest on social media. Promote it with ads on social media, table tents in the restaurant, and props like a step and repeat for customers.

Feed the Newsrooms

As a former TV reporter, I have seen food disappear faster than it arrived in multiple newsrooms. You will score points with the media if you send free food! Tip: Reach out to the news anchors before you send your restaurant’s best and time it to arrive right before the end of the newscast when they have a couple of minutes to chit chat on-air.

Loving my Oreo milkshake from TGIFriday’s in Miami Beach… while pregnant (my #1 craving)

Guest Celebrity Chef or Bartender Night

If you want to bring in traffic, bring in someone who has traffic. This ties in with the first rebranding strategy I mentioned, but think one, big influencer instead of many local ones. For more on how this works in retail with a real housewife, click here.

Tell the Rebranding Story

Some people will notice your rebranding. Some won’t. Either way, you’re rebranding for a reason, so why not turn that into a story for a blog post, a video for your website or social media, a series of social media posts, a pitch for the media, a release for a press release distribution, etc.
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How to read a teleprompter [VIDEO]

When the issue of reading a teleprompter or script comes up, I have heard, “How do I make it sound like I’m not reading?” The answer: teleprompter practice. If you’re not seen on camera, script practice. The same methods of perfecting your sound apply to both. reading-a-teleprompter When I started in the TV business, I had trouble sounding conversational when I would read a package script. When I started anchoring, I sounded like I was reading a Ron Burgundy teleprompter.


Even if you’re not on TV, it’s important to know how to read in a conversational tone. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Even if you’re not on #TV, it’s important to know how to read in a #conversational tone.[/Tweet] For marketing purposes, you may need to:
    • record a radio advertisement
    • create a video or recording for your website or social media
    • create a video or recording for employee training purposes
    • read a teleprompter when appearing on TV
    • ignore a teleprompter when appearing on TV (yes, you’ll see words but won’t read them)

Teleprompter Practice

Looking back at old resume tapes makes me cringe. My voice was terrible! It was so obvious I was reading off a script. Changing my voice to sound more conversational was the most challenging part of growing as a TV reporter and anchor. diy-teleprompter It’s hard to read and make it sound like you’re not reading. I was reading every sentence the same way and putting the same emphasis at the start, middle, and end. My old news director said the cadence in my voice was the same. I didn’t understand what he meant then, but now I do. Here are some things I did to help train my voice.

Write the Way you Talk

Sometimes, people try to write all sophisticated and use big words or lots of industry jargon. While it may make you sound super smart, it won’t help you sound conversational. Writing the way you talk on a daily basis will help you be more conversational because it’s the norm.

When I appear on WPTV presenting Steals and Deals each month, I ignore the teleprompter. Because I want to be conversational, I keep track of my main bullet points and just talk.

The Countdown

Before you start tracking, which is recording what you read, you should start with a countdown. This makes editing a lot easier, but for me, it held me back from sounding like I was having a normal conversation. free-media Most people start with “3, 2, 1,” then, start tracking. Instead of counting down, I would say, “Hey Jordan,” then, start tracking. Saying, “Hey Jordan,” (who is my best friend) before I read helped me set the tone of what I was about to say. It was like I was telling my friend a story like I would do outside of work.

DIY Teleprompter

Around the same time I was working on sounding more conversational, I was also working with a voice coach to bring my voice down. Apparently, it’s on the higher side and doesn’t sound authoritative, so I was coached to make it deeper. (Talk about a double whammy!) To help with both of these challenges, I would read a newspaper aloud like it was my DIY teleprompter. I would read it either online or while holding it in my hands and just listen to myself. I would read the same story a few times and focus on getting rid of that cadence. online-teleprompter

Record Yourself

Things sound so different when you hear them out of your mouth yourself, then recorded. For this reason, I suggest you record yourself using your DIY teleprompter. At first, you won’t like it. You may even think you sound stupid, but trust me, you don’t. Record yourself, listen, Then repeat this a few times. Take a break. Then, do it again. It’s a lot of work, but over time it’ll get better.


Throughout this process, I would watch anchors I admired in my market and nationally. I would repeat what they said, the way they said it. After doing these things for weeks, then months, I learned to think less about how I was reading things and focused more on what I was reading.

iPad Teleprompter

Again, these tips work if you’re reading a script on or off a teleprompter. teleprompter-app If you want to try an online teleprompter and practice with a teleprompter app, here are some to choose from:
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Behind the Scenes: Hosting an event with Real Housewives

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is a great show. It’s just the kind of entertainment I need after a long day of work and temper tantrums. When you think of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the first housewife that comes to mind is most likely Teresa Giudice. She is by far the most polarizing cast members for a variety of reasons. With that, comes influence.

Real Housewives = Influence

Influencers are newer to the media relations game, but like bloggers, they come with a price… as they should. real-housewives-teresa-giudice Since social media went from personal use to business use, Facebook wasn’t the only thing cashing in. Influencers caught on and started to charge for, well, their influence. It’s a recent form of advertising that brings brands a bigger ROI than any full page ad in a magazine would – if you do it right.

Influence = Business

When my client Tonia Ryan, the owner of Inance Women’s Clothing Boutique opened her store in Pompano Beach, she did what any other business owner with a budget should do – book an influencer who has the same audience to bring in customers. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Book an #influencer, with the same #audience, to bring in #customers.[/Tweet] I haven’t seen the statistics, but I’m guessing most viewers of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise are women. Inance is a women’s clothing boutique. If you like Teresa, and you like the way she dresses, you’ll like Inance. (I love it… I mean, look at those outfits!) real-housewives-of-new-jersey Tonia did an amazing job promoting the grand opening event to Real Housewives fans locally. In the store, fans could meet Teresa, talk to her, get her autograph on a picture or her new book, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Prison and Back Again, and get their picture taken with her. She was even Facetiming with fans friends who couldn’t make it!

As soon as Teresa arrived, she looked around the store and did some shopping. She was even wearing a gorgeous white jumpsuit available at Inance. (Talk about marketing!)

While hundreds of people were waiting, they were checking out the store and shopping. It was my job to get the local media there, but not just any media. Remember, it all goes back to the brand’s audience. Influential lifestyle and fashion bloggers like April Golightly and 2 Fro Chicks were there. Gossip Extra and Lifestyle Magazine attended. That coverage and the pictures shared will last the store’s lifetime. christina-nicholson-mascara-maven Whether you’re a fan of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, or the Real Housewives of Orange County – I could go on), there is no denying that all things real housewives entertains millions on a daily basis (thanks to re-runs.) free-media Even if you think it’s garbage reality TV, these women are influential. Influencers make money by bringing in the money. (You’ve heard of the Kardashians too, right?) [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]#Influencers make money by bringing in the #money.[/Tweet] Which housewife is your favorite? Do you think she’s the most influential? Currently, my favorite is Erika Girardi, also known as Erika Jayne. But after working with Teresa Giudice, and witnessing how nice she is, it’s a tight race.
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5 reasons Mommy Bloggers are Influential

When I started blogging at Mascara Maven, it was just for fun. Then, I got into public relations and quickly learned how influential mommy bloggers could be.

What is a Mommy Blogger?

mommy-blogger Well, a mommy blogger is a mom who blogs. (Shocker, right?) Personally, I don’t like that term. If you’re a mom and you’re a doctor or a lawyer, you’re not a mommy doctor or a mommy lawyer. (I refer to myself as a family blogger, lifestyle blogger, or local blogger.) Still, the term “mommy blogger” has power… and lots of influence. If you want to know what makes some of the “top mommy bloggers” or “best mommy bloggers” earn money as influencers, read on.

5 reasons Mommy Bloggers are influential

1. They are real.

If you’re not going to be yourself, you probably won’t succeed as a mommy blogger. The best bloggers, and the ones I look up to, are the ones who aren’t afraid to say (or blog) it like it is… or how they feel it is. No matter what you do, not everyone is going to agree with you. Someone will disagree, comment on your blog post, say something nasty on Facebook, tweet you some hate in 140 characters or less, and the list goes on. You cannot care about the negative things strangers on the internet say. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]No matter what you do, not everyone is going to agree with you. #mommybloggers[/Tweet] When my post about piercing my daughter’s ears went viral on Facebook, I got a lot of hate. Maybe it’s because I don’t take too much personally, but I laughed at the hateful (or attempted to be hateful) comments. Honestly, it concerned me more that so many people were negatively affected by my daughter’s ears. Still, the negativity didn’t both me one bit because everything in my post was 100% real.

2. They are entertaining.

I tell my clients this all the time – there is so much crap on the internet today. This blog post is one of millions, yes millions, being posted online in a day. If you want people to take 10 seconds to even see what you’re sharing, you have to be entertaining. I’m not saying do a song and dance, but give your readers what they want. If you don’t know what they want, ask them, then deliver it.

3. They tell you something you don’t know.

I’m a nerd who loves learning new things, so I visit business blogs on a daily basis. Just like you need to entertain your audience, you need to keep them educated too. Offering value is the best way to do it.

4. They influence you.

Like a blogger can teach you something they know, they can also influence you. This is how mommy bloggers (and some other kinds) make their money. If they are viewed as an influencer, then they will work with brands to influence their readers to become customers of that brand. free-media Take this blog post I did for Walmart, for example. Walmart thought my Mascara Maven audience, young working moms, would be a great fit for this kind of promotion, so they paid me to promote it with a blog post and social media shares. Because I love video and think video use is so important today, I threw that in as well. Not to mention, this video really helps tell the #GroceryHero story.

PR Tip: Most bloggers charge for this kind of coverage. It is not earned media. It is paid media. If you want to reach a bloggers audience, you must have a budget to pay them before you pitch them. If not, there is no use pitching them.

5. They are there.

Yes, they are there – easily accessible and easy to find. If they’re not on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can find their latest craft on Pinterest or in your inbox every week with an update or new blog post to share. how-to-become-a-mommy-logger Top mommy bloggers don’t just blog every once in a while and hope you’ll catch it when you’re online. They run their blogging business like a well-oiled machine. Everything is scheduled and done for a strategic reason. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]#MommyBloggers run their #blogging #business like a well-oiled machine.[/Tweet] Sure, some people blog for fun, some do it as a side hustle (like me), and others devote their time and energy to it like a 9 t0 5. It’s those 9 to 5er’s that are in that mommy bloggers club of influencers.

How to become a Mommy Blogger

That was your next question right? How to become a mommy blogger? Well, this post may help you with the how to become a blogger part, and if you want to throw the word “mommy” in front it, go for it.

How to create a blog or start a blog
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5 Blogging for Beginners tips

I recently had lunch with a friend who wanted to start blogging professionally. I gave her some of what I consider “blogging for beginners” advice, then thought, why not share those tips here on my blog to help others?!

Blogging for Beginners

So many people blog for different reasons – as part of their current job, to make money, and as a hobby are the three most common answers, I assume. Regardless of your why, these steps will help you get started and maintain your blog over time.

Where will your blog be?

Before you begin blogging, you need to know where you’re going to blog. My friend is planning on blogging professionally on a company’s website, but many people want their own space. In that case, you have a few options. I use WordPress. When it comes to the online world, WordPress is the most recognized and arguably the best platform to be on. The only problem? You’ll most likely need a website developer to help you get it up and running. wordpress vs squarespace If you want to try to take a stab at creating your site yourself, there are plenty of sites to choose from – Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and the list goes on. I created this entire site on Weebly in two hours. The drag and drop format is idiot proof. (If I can do it, anyone can.) about-me-template If you don’t want to commit to a website, check out a place like Medium or the post section on your LinkedIn page.

What’s your blog called?

When you decide where you want your blog to live, you may get a deal on a domain. If not, it’s no big deal. They are usually just $12 a year and you can buy them in a variety of places like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Google. choosing-your-domain When it comes to choosing your domain, Brandon Gaille from the Blog Millionaire is an expert, but here are some quick tips:
  1. Apply SEO keyword research
  2. Try to go after a .com ending
  3. Avoid using – (dashes)
  4. Make sure it fits your niche
  5. Buy your name as a domain and redirect it (Have you tried Hi again.)

What’s your blog’s niche?

Since it’s #4 above, it makes sense to make this the next step. When I started Mascara Maven, I had no idea what I wanted to blog about it. Everything I posted was so random. (It can still appear that way.) Here on Media Maven, it’s all media focused. Don’t do what I do on my lifestyle blog. Do what I do here – be niched. I’ve heard the saying, “the riches are in the niches” and it’s very true. Again, whether or not this applies to you goes back to your why. If you are just blogging as a hobby, then you can post whatever your heart desires whenever you want to. If you are trying to make money or build clientele, I suggest focusing on what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about, and what your expertise is. That makes a perfect niche! [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Focus on what you’re good at, passionate about, and your expertise. That makes a perfect #blog #niche![/Tweet]

Get started!

Now, you have your website created. You have your domain. You have your niche. The only thing left to do is to get started. Write something and post it! Believe it or not, this is where the real work starts. other-bloggers When I got started, I learned a lot from other bloggers. Some were eager to help someone like me asking for beginner blogger tips. I also taught myself some technical stuff, social media strategies, SEO techniques, graphic design, etc. It all comes with time as you grow as a blogger. about-me-template You can find tons of advice online about how to monetize your blog, how to grow your following online, how to grow your email list, how to design the perfect about me page, and the list goes on. There is so much! If I only offered you one piece of advice, it’d be this – be consistent. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]If I only offered you one piece of advice, it’d be this – be consistent. #blogging[/Tweet]

Be consistent.

Ask yourself this question, “How often can I research, write, and promote a blog post?” If the answer is three times a week, then you need to do this three times a week, every week. If the answer is once a month, then you need to do this once a month, every month. be consistent In the process of blogging, you will build an audience and that audience will expect to see you online, with certain content, at certain times. Here, it’s always Monday. On Mascara Maven, it’s always Friday. So, now that you know what you need to do to get started blogging, what are you waiting for?
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