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21 Point Blog Post Checklist [Infographic]

If you’ve just started blogging about topics you’re really passionate about, there’s probably one big question in your mind right now:

“How do I drive blog traffic without spending money on ads?”

Blog Post Checklist

There are actually 21 ways you can do this for free. I’m going to break down the big three here, then scroll down to see the 21 Point Blog Post Checklist Infographic.


In order to get blog traffic via email, you need to have people signing up for your newsletter, but don’t just pitch your newsletter. Instead, offer them something that makes them want to give their email address to you… like this:


If you’re wondering how you can grow your email list, I’d recommend that you read Aaron Orendorff’s How to Build Your Email List: The (Better Than) Ultimate Guide published on Content Marketing Institute. It really is the ultimate guide.

Social Media

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Simply posting your blog posts on different social media platforms won’t instantly give your blog traffic – of course, I’m wrong if you already have a huge fanbase count on your platforms.

When sharing your blog posts on social media, strategize! Know who your target audience is, what time are they active on social media, and join groups that are related to your niche where you can engage and get your website more known.

There are plenty of groups you can join on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest,, and other sites. You just have to test the waters and see which will give you more traffic. But don’t be a spammer! I recommend that you read Garrett Moon’s How to Easily Double Your Traffic from Social Media published on Kissmetrics.

Search Engine Optimization

Okay, don’t panic! You don’t have to start being techy and all when doing your own SEO. Actually, it’s very advisable that bloggers know how to optimize their content.

There’s really no need for you to hire an SEO specialist or consult one, you simply have to research how you can optimize your blog posts on your own. For more on how to act as your SEO consultant, watch this.

You can do this! You just have to have a lot of patience and passion for learning SEO.

Read and save this checklist digital marketing expert, Barry Feldman, provided in this infographic made with Visme. Use this as your cheat sheet whenever you’re about to create a new blog post.

Blog Post Checklist

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