Beginner Blogging Mistakes

5 Common Beginner Blogging Mistakes

Whenever people want to start blogging, they think it’s as simple as just writing a blog post and letting things run their course. Not only is this false, it also creates the illusion of blogging as a simple task and job. Because of that, it has influenced thousands of people negatively. Even some more experienced blogger makes these mistakes because they haven’t learned the proper way of doing things.

You can easily find blogs that contain one or more of these mistakes outlined below.

5 Common Beginner Blogging Mistakes

Beginner Blogging Mistakes

Luckily, there are some excellent guides on this topic and I’m going to help you out even more by showing you the five most common beginner blogging mistakes.

1. Don’t Just Write for the Sake of Writing

People often write just because they want to write. This isn’t always the best strategy when it comes to blogging. It’s also important to not force yourself to write just because you didn’t create a new blog post on your website for some time.

Whenever you feel like something is interesting, you could offer that something to your readers, then continue by taking the next step – putting your thoughts into words on a page.

2. Don’t Use Improper Titles

Another beginner blogging mistake often seen on blogs is the use of improper titles. When you write a blog post, you’ll need to think of a title. After all, there’s no other way to identify your work and get a slight feeling of what your blog post is about.

Titles aren’t easy to think of, and they’re even more difficult when you need to think of a powerful, yet accurate title.

You should look out for the use of SEO focused titles. These are incredibly important when it comes to boosting the visibility of your blog. Think of something relevant and short.


3. Don’t Know your Target Audience

If you mostly write about cars and you suddenly start writing about fruit – are you doing the right thing? Well, not exactly.

Once a target audience gets established, you’ll be having a hard time adjusting your content to a different audience. This can be avoided by writing general blog posts, so you have a broad audience that is acceptant of every topic (life a lifestyle blog).

However, if you want to focus more on something, you’ll have to focus on one target audience. Smaller, but more knowledgeable.

4. Don’t Identify with the Proper Niche

Your audience will always assume that you know a lot about the topics you’re writing about. If you fail to prove this, they won’t be hanging out for long.

If you decide to focus on one specific topic, research it as much as possible, so you have all the facts in your head. As long as you are precise and truthful to what you’re writing your audience will love the content you release.

One additional thing here: You should try your hand at a niche that is currently popular. This way, you’ll gain some extra followers!

5. Don’t Respond to Reader Comments

If your readers like your content, they’ll try to engage with you and share some of their thoughts and feelings as well. Your job, as a blogger, includes responding to these comments. Don’t ignore your readers!

If you don’t communicate with your readers, you won’t be receiving the recognition and respect you should get as a blogger.

Be nice and make your readers feel appreciated and respected!

In the end, none of these mistakes are difficult to fix. When you start writing next time, keep this list near you and follow the guidelines. Additionally, try to research this topic even further.

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