before you create an online course

What to do BEFORE you Create an Online Course

Today everyone is talking about course creation, but very few know how to actually create a course.

Many people are putting the cart before the horse and in this episode, Jessica Terzakis is going to show us how to put things in place to be a successful course creator, like finding proof of concept, setting a budget for tech and team, and finding people to sell to through an email list or affiliates.

What to do BEFORE you Create an Online Course

As you’ll hear from Jessica, many people are skipping from active income to passive income. They’re forgetting about leveraged income.

This means your group program should come before your online course. It’s a faster path to cash. The good news? You don’t need webinars or sales pages for this.

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So, what are the steps?

Step 1:

Use a consistent process.

This is your opportunity to teach a group your planned curriculum and get feedback as you work with people to ensure it’s what they want and need. You don’t customize everything here. You make tweaks as you go.

Step 2:

Get people in the program.

Focus on past clients, referrals, speaking gigs, and networking events. Make sure those people know you have a clear start and a clear end for the program and goals.

Step 3:

Take baby steps with the technology.

The technology can be minor or it can be major. With a group program, there is no need for overwhelm in this department.

Step 4:

Do it again and again.

Going back to step one, this is where you’re going to perfect what you’re teaching, so when you do create the online course, you know it’s going to be a hit with people who buy it and there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Create content correctly, not just to do it.

what do to before you create an online course

Jessica is giving away a master outline formula to put an online course together and help with leveraged income. To get that, visit

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