what to do after you earn media coverage

35 Things to do AFTER you Earn Media Coverage

35 Things to do AFTER you Earn Media Coverage

The biggest mistake people make after they earn media coverage is they do nothing.

It’s shocking how common this is.

Do not assume that everyone read the article you were mentioned in or saw the segment that featured you on TV. Even if your ideal customer or client did see it, in a few minutes, they will forget.

You need to remind them. Over and over again.

In this episode, I’m sharing 35 things you can do after you earn media coverage to turn publicity into profit.

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35 Things to do AFTER you Earn Media Coverage

The following PR tactics will guide you to promote your media coverage and amplify your readership.

1. Repeatedly share on social media. Don’t share just one time.

2. Amplify via paid social.

3. Tag the journalist and outlet when you share so they notice.

4. Give anyone else mentioned in your article a social media shout-out as well, thereby driving clicks, likes, and shares.

5. Add it to a press page on your website.

6. Repurpose it into a video to post on social media or a blog.

7. Create a sizzle reel. Then add to it YouTube as well.

8. This can be used as the perfect cover photo for your Facebook page. 

9. Put the link in your email signature.

10. Insert media quotes into your company’s bio or on your about page.

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Curious readers can then see firsthand the publicity you have gained as a result of your expertise.

11. Summarize an essential point made in the article and summarize the article as a question to which the article is the answer and post that in LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

12. Spark a debate or note how this example is a best practice and offers a solution to a recurring problem or situation.

13. Encourage employees and happy customers to comment on the earned media itself.

This tactic helps to keep the conversation going and draws more attention to the earned media. Additionally, customers positive comments validate the work your company does.

14. Screenshot your media coverage as it shows up on search engines.

This serves as a literal proof of how successful the earned media is. Post the screenshots on your website to show how the media coverage appeared on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Sharing media successes helps build an unofficial resume, showing potential clients why they should do business with you.

15. Use “As Seen On” Logos on marketing materials like your website, brochures, etc.

Those who want to appear as experts in relation to their niche will often lookout for chances to be interviewed, then use a logo such as the NBC peacock to show their media pickups, gaining credibility and prestige.

16. Add memorable quotes to your website to highlight your credibility.

Memorable quotes from media coverage act as testimonials for your company, thus proving your credibility. They show website visitors you deserve their business.

17. Frame the placements.

Display your media coverage in your company’s office where customers can see it while you remind customers of your success by framing your media coverage and placing it in strategic areas around the office. This also boosts morale among employees.

It will give your clients and potential customers confidence in your company.

18.. Put them out during trade shows and relevant events. 

Make a large poster highlighting the media hits to give instant credibility and builds desire.

19. Use earned media in sales presentations to retailers.

This demonstrates the marketing muscle behind the brand.

20. Mention it in some future pitches to prove credibility and authority.

Often local and regional earned media is all it takes to entice national and international media, therefore boosting sales potential.

Consider the article as a calling card to introduce the source(s) to other reporters.

21. Ensure systems and processes are set up at the end of the sale to respond quickly and efficiently to coverage reaction.

22. Take your favorite hits from the month and do a top three review on a blog.

Some hits are better than others and we want to champion those.

23. Create an e-book of key points and add social media links and websites that go back to the media hit.

24. Use those traditional media hits to earn exposure in new media, like a podcast.

25. Mention the media hit in a newsletter.

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26. Perhaps add some context, complemented by a photo or graphic to underscore certain aspects of the subject that were not fully addressed in the article.

27. Include the press coverage in blogs and email blasts.

28. Send great media hits to existing and prospective vendors.

29. Turn the earned media into a pitch to become a sought-after paid speaker by connecting with trades organizations for speaking.

30.  Capitalize on the earned media to garner brand endorsements.

31. Create a bitly link to shorten the article’s long URL, so that you can identify how many people click on the link to read the article on your end.

32. If there are appropriate industry blogs, reach out to those bloggers to suggest a post as a guest writer or arrange an interview and become a contributor.

33. Conduct an interview with the source in the article and record a podcast or video that can be posted and shared on their end.

34. Reach out to everyone: current contacts, prospective clients, professional colleagues, industry peers, reporters, bloggers, potential collaborators, website visitors, event and conference attendees, Linked In, etc. to make the most of your media coverage.

35. Mail hard copies of coverage to past, present, and prospective clients.

Bonus #36. Offer to revise the article’s themes as a case study for editors of your industry and membership association events and newsletters.