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Most businesses spend way too much money on advertising that doesn’t end in profit.

What if I told you I could get you in all those places where you want to advertise without spending big bucks on ads?

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re looking for help getting big-time visibility and want to connect with thousands of your ideal clients in minutes instead of months.

Do you want to earn some media exposure or create videos to use on your social media?

Maybe you’d like to add a blog or new images to your website.

Well, I can help you with all of that. Send me an email at Christina@MediaMavenAndMore.com… but keep reading. It gets better!

Who am I?

I am an award-winning journalist with more than a decade of experience anchoring, reporting, writing, blogging, video production, editing, excelling in social media, photography, and live TV.

I have been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, the Huffington Post, Time, Yahoo!, PR Daily, All Business Experts, on CNN, WTVJ in Miami, WPTV in West Palm Beach, News 12 in New York City, and many other media outlets.

Why me?

Because of my experience in the communications industry, I’ve networked and connected with the best in the business to build a team of true professionals who can handle almost any and every marketing needs a business or brand has.

With a bachelor’s degree in public affairs journalism and more than a decade of storytelling, I understand the importance of creating content and delivering it to the public.

media mavenAs a journalist, I usually didn’t read more than two sentences of what a publicist sent. What they sent was too long, didn’t have anything to do with what I covered, wasn’t newsworthy, and the list goes on. Because of this, I decided to leave the news business and do that job, but better.

Because of my experience, I know what works and what doesn’t. My work in the media industry has led me to establish relationships with journalism professionals on local, state, and national levels. 

I’ve represented a wide array of clients and have earned many publicity on national daytime TV talk shows, in local and national magazines, on local TV stations, in newspapers, and on websites and blogs with millions of monthly unique visitors… to name a few. 

I’ve gotten clients featured on the Today Show, the Rachael Ray Show, in the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Men’s Fitness, Food & Wine, Entrepreneur, and much more.

What else?

I also mentor other business owners by teaching them how to be their own publicist. I train small businesses owners in a step-by-step method with videos, worksheets, checklists, guides and private mentoring calls.

And yes, you can try a little out for free. Just click here to sign up for the five-day e-mail course!


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