5 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Public Relations

You can’t just hire someone to handle your public relations and call it a day. You still need to be involved to make it successful.

I’m going to tell you how people sabotage their own PR, so if you’re doing these things, you stop… or you know better when you’re ready to implement a PR strategy.

1. You don’t get back to us when we need you to.

The media works on deadlines, so we need to hear from you ASAP. Many times, they take what’s first and won’t wait for what’s best. Also, don’t no-show an interview… because you won’t have another one.

2. You don’t keep us in the loop.

You know your industry better than we do, so fill us in when big things happen in your niche or at your company so we can spill our news story wheels to see how we can weave you into the narrative and get it some coverage. It could be very helpful to us if you keep an eye out for story ideas!

3. You have unrealistic expectations.

There needs to be more education in this industry because it’s wild how many people think a.) it’s easy to get wherever you want when you want, b.) how deserving they are to get wherever they want when they want.

4. You don’t speak in soundbites or good quotes.

A good soundbite is an animated 15-20 seconds of you saying something of value that adds to whatever is being discussed. Think of it as a passionate conversation, not an infomercial. Just because you’re high up on the totem pole at a company, doesn’t mean you’re good at this. Comfort is key.

5. You don’t understand the news.

It’s not the media’s job to give you a free commercial or promotion. There is a big difference between what is paid and what is earned. Earned media is always going to answer the questions reporters are asked in their morning meeting about why a story is being covered now infront of their audience.

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