Updating your LinkedIn profile when you’re unemployed is crucial. After all, the whole purpose of updating your profile is to attract prospective employers. Choosing the wrong content could drive hiring managers away instead.

So, what should you list as your professional headline or current position when you’re between jobs?

LinkedIn Headline

Creating a LinkedIn Headline for Job Seekers

Your ranking will drop slightly in LinkedIn search results if you choose to disregard a current position. In other words, your profile could be shown several pages lower than what it would have been had you chosen better words.

Remember to be honest. It’s easy for potential employers to check your background when they are considering you for employment.

Unemployed LinkedIn Professional Headline Examples

  • Actively Seeking Employment
  • Available for Employment
  • Available for New Opportunities
  • Seeking a New Opportunity
  • Looking for Work
  • Professional Seeking Work
  • Experienced (insert niche here) Available for New Opportunity
  • Professional in Transition
  • (insert niche here) Currently Exploring Options
  • Recent College Graduate Seeking Entry-Level (insert niche here) Position

If you’re doing freelance or consulting work, list your company or mark yourself as self-employed.

Unemployed LinkedIn Current Position Examples

  • Seeking New Position
  • Student at (insert school)
  • Recent Graduate at (insert school)
  • Consultant at Self-Employed

One thing to keep in mind when saying you’re unemployed is that there can, unfortunately, be bias in the workplace against unemployed job seekers. Many hiring managers persist in giving preference to candidates who are currently employed.

If this is a concern for you, consider listing your current position as “self-employed.” You can also list yourself as looking for work immediately after losing your job, and then switch to “self-employed” if your initial announcement doesn’t draw the kinds of offers you’re looking for.