15 Simple Ways Women can Invest in Airbnb Properties NOW

Francesca Baglio is a real estate agent, investor, mom, and educator. She lives in New York City and is passionate about teaching women how to take charge of their financial future through the power of leveraging real estate.

Today, we’re talking about how women can get started investing in short-term rentals… AKA Airbnb’s.

In this episode, Francesca breaks down the biggest myth about investing in real estate, shares how she started investing in real estate, and breaks down the biggest challenges women face in real estate investing.

She also goes into detail with these 15 simple ways women can invest in Airbnb properties:

    1. Look for markets an hour or two outside your home market if you live in a place where the cost of living is high.
    2. Buy lightly used furniture on Facebook Marketplace or visit an antique store.
    3. Invest with partners, like family, friends, and people who have strengths you don’t have.
    4. Do some of the renovations yourself, like painting walls or cabinets.
    5. Research the market you’re going to buy in and focus on places like lake communities, areas with lots of restaurants, etc.
    6. Bust out the spreadsheets and look at the calendars on Airbnb and vrbo to analyze markets and make projections, like:
      • Data online as a middle ground
      • Look at your best-case scenario
      • Look at you worst-case scenario
    7. Check out free resources and Facebook Groups about investing, like Female Short Term Rental forums, and The Short Term Show podcast.
    8. Hook up with an agent who specializes in investing and short-term rentals in your area.
    9. Get in the right money mindset to invest in real estate.
    10. Automate things like paying for utilities.
    11. Hire a property manager or co-host if you don’t want to worry about the day-to-day responsibilities.
    12. Make your short-term rental Instagramable as if it’s a brand.
    13. Don’t do a same-day turnover when you’re starting out.
    14. Turn to Airbnb for help.
    15. Visit Investhercollective.com and learn from the best

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