People are always asking me, “How do you have the time to do so much? You seem to be everywhere doing everything!”

My Small Business Checklist

I’m not going to lie. I am busy and I do have my hand in just about everything, but I have learned to make it easy on myself. How? With my small business checklist that is full of systems and automation.


No, I’m not really tweeting dozens of times a day all day, every day. That is all scheduled – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Once a month, I spend time scheduling daily posts to last the entire month. After I write a blog post, I schedule the promotion a few times that week, then a couple times the rest of the month, and here or there for the rest of the year. Yes, the rest of the year.

It’s amazing because I do this once and it posts over and over again.


Tailwind is like a Hootsuite for Pinterest, but it does some other Pinterest specific things. I share my own pins to a variety of boards at a variety of times. I share content from others the same way.

tailwind marketing

Over time, this has slowly grown my following on Pinterest and traffic to my websites – both my business site and my lifestyle blog, Christina All Day.

Plus, it’s fun to play on Pinterest. Click here to give Tailwind a spin.


When I started working with business owners to earn them visibility, I found that lots of people didn’t have the budget for the done for you services I provided. So, I started coaching or consulting them and sharing everything I would do for them, step-by-step, if they were my client so they could do it on their own.

Then, I created a couple of courses, so I didn’t have to be present all the time. On Teachable, you can buy my course, go through the curriculum, and start implementing what you learn… without me.

teachable com

Yes, I offer monthly group coaching calls to answer specific questions and I also receive emails from people in the course, but the majority of the work is already done and running – regardless of where I am or what I’m doing.

Thinking of earning passive income? Check out Teachable here.


Whenever people tell me, “I got your email today” …I have no idea what email they are talking about. Those are all automated too – sometimes months in advance.

With ConvertKit, I send emails to my list every other week in what is called a nurture sequence. Every once in awhile I update the content or create a new email, but for the most part, I never write an email and send it.

I plan for in advance so I can focus on other things… to email about later! Bonus: It comes with landing pages too!

If you want to schedule emails for later, click here to see how I do it with ConvertKit.



Don’t blog for the sake of blogging. I used to do that and no one read my stuff… because they couldn’t find it!

When I started using SEMRush to conduct SEO keyword research, I discovered what people were searching (word for word), how many people were searching for it, and how many results there were. Based on that information, I do this fun little math equation Brandon Gaille taught me and BOOM! More people were finding my content.

This is the only resource on my list that isn’t a time-saving tip, but it is a business saving tip if you do anything in the online world.

Click here to try SEMRush.


Coming from TV news, you’d think YouTube would be my jam. Well, I was a little late to the game. Now, I post a video each week… but I Don’t shoot one each week.

When I plan my blog content, I try to shoot for three months ahead of schedule. I also try to theme each month. For example, April was email marketing. May was SEO. When I have an outline of what each week’s blog post will be about, I create a YouTube video to go along with it.

christina nicholson youtube

I shoot all of the videos in one sitting. I also don’t change my clothes, so it may look like I wear the same outfit and rock the exact same hair and makeup in the same spot. Shooting everything at once saves me so much time.

I do it once and I don’t need to think about it again for another month. Click here to visit my YouTube channel.

That’s how I’m saving time, automating work, appear to be on social media 24/7, and just running parts of my business in general. What systems do you have in place?

Some of the links in this small business checklist are affiliate links.