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Start earning big time visibility and create a flood of interest in you and your brand by sharing your story. Are you ready to reach thousands of potential customers or clients in minutes instead of months?

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Media Relations

Because I used to work in “the media” alongside reporters, producers, editors, and photographers for more than a decade, there is no one better to handle your media relations or media training. Whether you’re already talking to the media, on the cusp of booking your first interviews or still waiting for the right moment to pitch your target journalists, having training will ensure your team is prepared for any media opportunities.

When you earn this kind of exposure, it acts as a third party endorsement, that in turn, makes it more credible. Research shows earned media is worth three times more than advertising and has proven to be more effective.

I’ve represented a wide array of clients from a divorce attorney to a matchmaker; a baby product to a smartphone cleaner; a Mexican restaurant to one of the busiest shopping malls in the country. I have gotten these clients big time visibility on the Today Show, the Rachael Ray Show, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, Food & Wine, Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Running, local TV in a variety of top 20 markets, local newspapers, websites and blogs with millions of monthly unique visitors… to name a few.

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Video Production

Videos are naturally engaging, and in an age of information overload, it’s vital for businesses to offer content that is easy to digest. Statistics show people would rather watch videos than reading text.

Because that number continues to grow, I’m going to stop writing so you stop reading. Just watch. To see some work Media Maven has already done, check out some videos below or by clicking here.

Online Content Creation

There are many outlets and opportunities for great brand storytelling. To make the best use of them, businesses need writers who understand narrative, style, and voice. If you’re not a contributing writer to an outlet that targets your audience, it’s time to become one.

Blogging is one of the most valuable tools businesses have to engage with customers, make their lives easier, and promote themselves as experts in their industry. Utilizing keywords and other SEO strategies will drive traffic to your website, increasing your chances of growing your client base. If you’re not blogging, it’s time to get started or get left behind.

Social Media Management and Advertising

Today, you need a presence on social media. That’s not debatable. Because Facebook and Instagram know how important this is, it’s getting harder and harder to organically reach the masses. That’s when advertising comes into play. Throw in audience targeting, pixels, and results tracking to make this kind of advertising one of the best ways to get in front of your avatar.

Event and On-Air Hosting

As a business owner, you should be exposing yourself to your target audience with a goal of increased customer interaction. Take advantage of events as a means of marketing. If you’re in need of a spokesperson, let’s talk! I’ve worked with local, national, and international brands to help tell their stories. Yours could be next!
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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When you want to find something, what do you do? Nine times out of 10, you Google it. When people search for something in your niche, make it possible for them to find YOU! Get more leads by using the right words and targeting your ideal customer or client.

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Are you looking to Breakthrough on a Budget?

Private Coaching

Over a period of six months, we will work together to determine why your ideal customer or client needs to know who you are and what you do, how you can get in front of them with the help of traditional media and new media (without spending a dime on advertising), and how to leverage that exposure to earn even more brand awareness, credibility, and money

Strategy Sessions

During a series of 90-minute phone calls, I will do a lot of listening and together we will do some goal setting and coaching in a three month to a six-month timeline. We will create a specific step-by-step plan to make those goals a reality. To learn more about strategy sessions, click here.

Need More?

There is so much under the public relations umbrella in regards to gaining the attention your business, product, or brand needs. If you’re looking for website creation, Google advertising, social media marketing, or want to throw an event – my team has you covered!

What kind of help do you need? Email Christina@MediaMavenAndMore.com or call 754.999.0605.