Media Maven is a full-service public relations firm based in Coral Springs, Florida. The owner, Christina Nicholson, is an an award winning journalist with more than a decade of experience anchoring, reporting, writing, editing, networking, excelling in social media, video production, photography, and live TV. Christina knows what works and what doesn’t. She’s earned clients features on the Today Show, the Rachael Ray Show, in the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Men’s Fitness, Food & Wine, Entrepreneur, and much more. Through media relations, video production, writing, blogging, and social media management, this on-air host is unstoppable. In her online course, Master your PR, Christina teaches business owners and brands how they can do the same thing without hiring a publicist like her.

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calling reporters

Why I don’t like Calling Reporters

When I was a reporter, I hated getting phone calls. In fact, I was very proactive about calling people who ...
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linkedin to grow your business

7 FREE ways to use LinkedIn to Grow your Business

If you are in business to business sales or marketing, you should be using LinkedIn to grow your business. Social ...
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Using Video and Drones in Real Estate

If you aren't using video and drones in real estate yet, you should start. While video should be used to ...
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why i'm not earning media exposure

Why you’re not earning media exposure

Regarding media exposure, I’ve had this conversation many times: You: “I think I have a great product, but no one ...
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bloggers are tricky

Why I think bloggers are tricky to pitch

Bloggers are tricky. I recently got a lot of heat for a blog post I wrote about bloggers and why ...
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Why I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook

For marketing your business online, Facebook is perfect because nine times out of 10, it's where all your buyers are ...
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