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An open letter to the “media expert” online

Whenever something major happens, all the experts come out of the woodwork. When a child falls into a gorilla exhibit ...
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5 signs you’re not ready for a Public Relations retainer fee

I think it's safe to say the most challenging part of my job is explaining how the industry works to ...
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Selfie Marketing Campaigns and why they work

I'm not a huge fan of selfies, but of course, I take them! Who doesn't?! The key to a great ...
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Exploiting your Career with Non-Traditional Media [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Today, it's vital to earn media attention to grow your brand - traditional media, non-traditional media, social media, etc. Working ...
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5 Digital Marketing Trends to watch for in 2017

The digital marketing field has truly taken its toll on the millennial generation. It’s a new year, so expect to ...
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how to make money posting ads on facebook

3 Steps to Learning Facebook Ads Cost

The topic of Facebook ads cost is a popular one. Nearly every business, small and large, is turning to Facebook ...
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